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The T3 Foundation is a UK Social Enterprise. Our primary social purpose, is to bring a world of health, wellbeing and happiness through our unique table tennis, to as many of those around the world living with all stages of Dementia and] Alzheimer’s.

The T3 Foundation Kit is the world’s 1st brain stimulation version of group table tennis, uniquely designed so it is accessible to all, even the frailest and older adults participants can take part and benefit immediately.

Table tennis/ping pong has long been established by scientists as the world’s number 1 brain sport, because it is the only sport that can stimulate up to 5 areas of the brain simultaneously. This makes it a perfect drug free therapy for those living with brain conditions.

Clinical studies since 1997 have shown that people with brain conditions experience a boost in brain function and awareness after just a few minutes of playing table tennis. Regular players enjoy further physical, mental and emotional improvements, including greater long-term capacity for memory, concentration, coordination, cognition, motor function, as well as social engagement.

The key conclusion from all these studies is that table tennis/ping pong can delay and slow down the progression of Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

We have created the unique T3 Foundation Kit through our determination to make a huge positive contribution in the fight against Dementia. Please join us in this important work – ‘United against Dementia, we will Succeed.’


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The World’s Number 1 ‘Brain Sport’ – Table Tennis/Ping Pong


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Here’s a great opportunity to make a real difference for your local care home.

Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

T3 Foundation Statement

With restrictions easing across the country, we recognise how important this is in regard to restarting activities for your resident’s health and wellbeing.

We are also aware that each care home, nursing home and day care centre is unique, and that you will be tailoring your visiting arrangements according to what is currently possible within your facility.

We are continuing to offer support remotely by way of telephone assistance and virtual session assistance if required by health and well-being coordinators and have resumed our visits in a Covid safe method where permitted.

If you would like to organise a T3 Session, event day or one on one session, do give us a call and we can discuss your requirements.

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    SAVE OVER £400 - NOW £250
    Bubble activities for 6 or more residents at a time and continue to provide;
    1)Mental health & wellbeing
    2)Physical fitness
    3)Positive emotional engagement
    all in the safety of your own care home.

    #carehome managers/activity coordinators. Save over £400 on our T3Foundation Kit while stocks last, now £250. That's under 5p per week to keep your residents in bubble activities for their mental health & wellbeing, physical fitness & emotional engagement.
    #dementia #Alzheimers

    T3Foundation Kit - now £250 while stocks last

    We want to support our #carehome activity coordinators keep their residents engaged in bubble activities for their mental health & wellbeing, physical fitness & emotional engagement.

    #dementia #Alzheimers

    Today marks the start of World #Alzheimers Month, so throughout September our T3 Foundation Kit is £350, a saving of £250. It's making a real difference to residents in over 200 care homes across the UK, so why not make a difference to yours. http://ow.ly/JQ7O50BetaM #dementia


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